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Marianne Zarcadoolas

Native New Yorker's Grown Up Guide to Getting Your Groove On

Yoga And Meditation Practice In Your Home
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Healthy Food Choices & Nutritious Menu Planning
Raw Foods, Juicing, and Ayurvedic Recipes

Does this sound like you?
  • You love yoga class, but only go once a week.
  • You resolve to be calm, but feel fragmented a lot
  • You rely on medications to face many health and life challenges
  • You do a shot of wheat grass, after your double espresso
  • You take a long walk, and worry about everything you need to do
  • You determine to loose weight, and you gain 10 lbs.

And do you find yourself asking:
  • How can I be more peaceful and joyous?
  • How can I learn to stay balanced within life's turmoil?
  • Why hasn't my life fulfilled my dreams?
  • What can I do to live a healthier, happier, and longer life?
  • What is this life all about anyway?

You've got the power!

You're smart, you read the literature on getting and staying healthy, you know about eating more veggies and the benefits of exercise. You watched Oprah, you know you have the power.

You've got a pretty good idea about what you should be doing,  and you love it when you're doing it. So think about it, why haven't you actualized the life you want to create? What's blocking you?
I'm no wizard, but...

Remember when Dorothy and her friends go to the Wizard of Oz and learn that they already have everything they need to create the life they want.  They just didn't recognize their own power. The tin man, the lion and the scarecrow needed a coach, the wizard, to show them the way.

I'm no wizard, but I can be your coach. I will teach you a daily practice to do on your own, in your home, that will give you the balance you seek.  I will give you the tools to manifest the life style changes that will create the mind, body, spirit connection you long for.  With my program you will discover your personal power and your life's purpose.  You will unblock the obstacles that are preventing you from living the fullest expression of your life.  You will become the person you were meant to be.

Peace comes from within.
Do not seek it without.

The Power of Yoga
Yoga is an ancient science. It consists of techniques designed to help us discover our true nature through practical and systematic methods to develop the mind, body and spirit. It has nothing to do with the trivialized notions of pop culture or the gymnastic classes and videos that are being packaged for mass consumption. These quick fixes have little to do with the ancient practice of yoga.
In my program, the basis for obtaining a strong, flexible body, calm mind, sustainable good health and self understanding is a daily yoga and meditation practice. Perhaps you have taken some yoga classes but haven't continued to practice consistently. While this has some benefit, it will not give you the full physical benefits afforded by a daily practice. Nor will it lead you to the mental, emotional, spiritual peace you will soon feel from establishing a daily practice that is unique to you and ever evolving. My program is designed for novice and beginning yoga students, or anyone wishing to build a stronger foundation in yoga.

SENIORS- I teach meditation classes to seniors at several senior citizens centers in New York City.  I have taught senior clients, with no prior knowledge of yoga, how to conduct a yoga practice in their own homes that is appropriate to their age and flexibility.  We use chair yoga, and mat yoga postures that make sense for them.

  • Regulates moods, calms emotions and controls the mind
  • Cleanses and stimulates all internal organs, circulatory and respiratory systems
  • Increases flexibility and strengthens muscular-skeletal weaknesses
  • Removes toxins from blood and organs
  • Regulates weight control
  • Increases confidence
  • Counteracts nervous disorders and anxiety
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Removes mental and physical sluggishness

You do not need to be a contortionist or a religious devotee to begin to develop a daily yoga practice. You need only to have the desire to envision a healthier, happier life and to see yourself as a part of a greater whole.

Revitalize your spirit at world class resorts and eco-tourism locations,while connecting with nature and experiencing new people and cultures. Packages include spa treatments and delicious, healthy cuisines. Side trips are organized to take in the local culture.

Daily yoga classes are supplemented by a variety of workshops in subjects designed to enhance the mind, body, spirit experience.  Some workshop topics; Finding Balance In Your Life, Self- Healing Techniques, Spiritual Journal Writing, Preparing Healthy Meals, Aromatherapy, Feng-Shui, and Meditation, just to name a few.

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