YOGA FOR HEALTH AND SPIRIT - Be the person you were meant to become
Marianne Zarcadoolas
Living and Working in NYC

Yoga Instructor and Certified Reiki Practitioner
30+ years - Certified School Teacher

I'm often asked, "How did you come to do this kind of work?"  My answer is, "The work chose me, I didn't choose it."  It's a journey, and every experience in my life, has led me to this point.
Several times throughout my life I have been blessed by the presence of a divine spirit guide.  An angel came to me on the top of a mountain in Machu Picchu; a premonition of grave physical danger prevented a fatal accident; a dream vision foretold the tragedy of Sept. 2011; a prayer was answered.  In actuality, I have come to understand that the only thing that makes these experiences unique is my awareness and acknowledgment of them.  What I now understand, after many years of spiritual practice, is that we are all of us, all of the time, a part of a the larger, mysterious universe and it is our ability to connect with our divine spirit that brings us wellness, peace, happiness, and understanding.

I'm sure if you are reading this that you already know, at least intuitively, that what I am saying is true.  You've undoubtedly had some occurrence, feeling, experience, intuition, dream, stroke of great fortune, or terrible luck, that simply cannot be explained.  You question it's truthfulness, yet something about these things makes you unable to dismiss them. You know there is more to this life, but how do you connect? 
There are many people out there who are well versed in new age jargon and have developed packaged programs that make wild promises.  I can only promise you that I will work with you individually to develop a daily practice that is right for you.  (see How My Program Works) Through yoga, mediation, energy work, and divine healing, good nutrition, and healthy choices, you will begin to experience yourself as the divine soul you are.  Knowing yourself and your place in the universe in this way is not limited to monks, devotees, or religious fanatics.  It is your birth right. This knowing resides in your very DNA.  You need only to tap into it and release the energy.
My Background

I spent 32 years in the field of education, as a teacher, professional trainer, school founder, assistant principal and principal.  I had a wonderful career shaping students lives, counseling parents, training teachers, and envisioning and implementing changes that I think improved my life and the lives of the people I was privileged to work with. 
You can say that I've always been in a helping profession and it's where I am most comfortable, which draws me to the work I am now doing in yoga, Reiki healing, and wellness coaching.

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