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The main purpose of our work together is to provide you with everything you need to develop a daily meditation and yoga practice in your own home.  So it makes sense for me to see where you will be practicing, and how we may need to possibly adapt your space to fit your needs and goals.  However, it is very important that sessions are conducted in a place that you feel safe, comfortable, free from distractions, and certain that you will not be interrupted.  So if that is not in your home, then I suggest we meet at my office.

Free Phone or Skype Meeting
Please fill out the contact sheet below to schedule a free phone (or Skype) consultation. We will discuss my program and how we might work together. Everyone has individualized needs and goals. Let's talk about yours. Once we have decided to take this journey together the fees outlined below would apply.

Fill out form below to schedule

Initial Yoga Consultation and Session
$65- Please schedule at least 90 minutes for this session

Follow-up Yoga & Meditation Sessions
$40- Please schedule 60-75 minutes for these sessions
Bundled Sessions
$350 - A series of 10 Yoga & Meditation sessions

Senior discount (60+) 20% off all sessions

Phone - 917-363-2079

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