YOGA FOR HEALTH AND SPIRIT - Be the person you were meant to become
Free Phone (Skype) Consultation

The first step is to get to know each other through a free consultation via phone or Skype.  The coach-client relationship is a delicate balance and for this program to work, we must have a connection. Each of us has to feel it. You should be ready to change certain aspects of your life in order to be the person you were meant to become and I have to feel that I can help you in every aspect of your journey.

We should be able to determine after a conversation, whether or not we have the connection needed to form a partnership.  Because that's what it will take.  We will become partners in the creation of a lifestyle and mind set that actualizes your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental goals. Once we agree  that we have that connection, we'll quickly get started. And this is what you can expect.

Your home or my office

Once we decide we will embark on this partnership the only thing you have to decide is where you would like to conduct your sessions.  Ideally sessions should be conducted in your own home for a number of reasons.  The main purpose of our work together is to provide you with everything you need to develop a daily meditation and yoga practice in your own home.  So it makes sense for me to see where you will be practicing, and how we may need to possibly adapt your space to fit your needs and goals.  However, it is very important that sessions are conducted in a place that you feel safe, comfortable, free from distractions, and certain that you will not be interrupted.  So if that is not in your home, then I suggest we meet at my office.

Questionnaire and Forms

Prior to our first meeting I will ask you to complete a background health form.  In addition, I will send you a questionnaire that focuses on your mind, body, spirit goals.  It will help me to understand your experience and level of yoga practice, your comfort and ability to meditate, what your spiritual practice is,
your food habits, likes and dislikes, and what goals you already know that you would like to focus on.

Initial Yoga Consultation

I will explain the importance of prana (breath, life force) and we will begin with a series pranayama (breath exercises) to get the chi flowing and to calm the mind and prepare us for the asanas. We'll go through a series of twelve major asanas (exercises) to determine your level of yoga fitness. These 12 asanas will always be performed and are the basis of my program.  We will add to them as we go along. We will conclude the first session by doing some meditation exercises and some creative visualizations. We'll talk about each of these elements of the programs as we progress in this first day.  We will also discuss your individual goals and desires for your practice.

Initial Wellness Evaluation

My wellness program addresses the preservation of and the protection against age-related decline in your mental, physcial and emotional capacities.  We will develop a plan over time, that addresses changes in your life style, exercise plan, food choices, and nutritional supplements that will improve your health and increase your vitality.  This is not a religious program, it is a well balanced, practical approach to over all wellness, that with gradual changes over a period of time, will bring great rewards.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Many scholars believe Ayuveda to be the oldest healing science.  It is a holistic approach to health that is designed to help people live long, healthy, and well-balanced lives. The term Ayurveda is taken from the Sanskrit words ayus, meaning life or lifespan, and veda, meaning knowledge. It has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years and has recently become popular in Western cultures.

The basic principle of Ayurveda is to prevent and treat illness by maintaining balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through proper drinking, diet, and lifestyle, as well as herbal remedies.

Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, according to Ayurvedic beliefs, each person has a distinct pattern of energy -- a specific combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. It is also believed that there are three basic energy types called doshas, present in every person, Vata, Pitta, Kapha. 
Everyone has Vata, Pitta, and Kapha elements, but usually 1 or 2 are dominant in a particular person. Many things can disturb the energy balance, such as stress, an unhealthy diet, the weather, and strained family relationships. The disturbance shows up as disease. As an Ayurvedic practitioner I will prescribe treatments and foods that will bring your doshas back into balance.

Initial Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing

If you choose to also have a Reiki evaluation (please see my page Chakra and Reiki Healing for a more complete understanding) we will conduct that at the initial consultation session. I will assess your flow of chi, and determine which of your chakras are weak or out of balance. I will conduct a full body scan to determine areas in your body that may have disease, stiff joints, inflammation, etc.  My Reiki evaluation will also scan for mental and emotional issues that we will work on in subsequent sessions.

Clients often ask if Reiki is like massage and should they expect to disrobe.  The answer is no.  You will be fully clothed at all times and there is no direct physical contact during Reiki sessions.

Subsequent Yoga Sessions

Once we have established that we are partners in this wellness work I will be coaching you in many ways.  In addition to our one on one sessions, I will provide you with materials that will guide you in your daily yoga practice at home.  You will be able to follow my simple guide to perform the 12 asanas in the comfort of you home every day.  This practice can take as little as 45 minutes a day up to two hours.  That will depend on you.  But we will set realistic goals together and discuss them each week.

I will also provide you with the following materials to use when you are working on your own:

  • detailed printed out copy of my 12 asana guide
  • audio taped guided meditations that further our work together
  • printed and website resources that are geared specifically to your needs and goals
  • daily inspirational messages texted to you
  • daily reminders based on a schedule we create to keep you on track
  • menu planning and recipes for healthy eating and juicing
  • selections of essential oils, healing stones, and crystals that will aid in our work together

Essential Oils and Healing Stones

As we work together using Reiki and Chakra balancing, I will use certain essential oils on your palms, forehead, and the soles of your feet.  These oils aid in releasing blocked chi and help calm the mind and body.  I will also place healing stones on various areas of the body to take advantage of the vibrational level of certain stones to help blocked chi.

After we have worked together for a while, you might  be interested in purchasing essential oils that you can use at home and I can direct you in obtaining the right products.  You may also be interested in purchasing healing stone jewelry which I can help you select based on which chakras we are working on.

It's A Journey

As we continue to work together you will become increasingly aware and sensitive to the areas you want to develop.  I will take your lead, as this is your journey, but I will also be there to nudge you when you are reluctant, lazy, too tired, and when you think you're finished.  The beauty is that we are never finished.  My goal, is to help you to develop your own practice, in your own home, so that you can learn self-healing techniques.  

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